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Your body always has the intelligence to HEAL.


Ed Strachar

Author, Elite Spirit Healer

When it doesn't heal, it's because it's being blocked and doesn't have the energy -  THAT'S WHEN I COME IN!

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As a Public Speaker / Trainer

He has delivered his masterful wisdom in over 20 countries in places such as West Point, The US Air Force Academy and Corporations such as IBM, HP and Xerox , telemarketing centers, schools and universities worldwide.

As a High Tech Sales and Marketing Professional

Ed has built up sales territories, opened large accounts and built up entire sales teams. He has applied his talents both to start-ups and Fortune 100 companies in both high-tech and consumer products alike.

As an Executive Coach

He has worked with professionals, Olympic athletes and C-level executives helping them reach new echelons of performance by increasing their focus and awareness. He helps them align their physical, emotional and mental powers to a new extreme force that can bust through problems with incredible ease.

As an Energy Healer

Ed has healed many across the planet of a whole host of ailments, usually in just a few minutes, using his depth of knowledge of spiritual wisdom, God, and his angels.

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Who is Ed?

Besides Work Ed's Heart Lays With Orphans Around The Globe

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Ed is a Master Strategist with a keen psychic-like intuition about what will work and how to maximize results in minimal time. A keen chess player, he is able to think 5-10 steps ahead and map out effective solutions for Individuals & companies. He does executive and professional sports coaching on a select basis.

Ed's Journey

Ed has taught at institutions in Asia, Europe and the USA, including:

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