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“I can honestly say that I have never, ever felt so shifted as I did (and do) with his processes. Ed’s absolute commitment to my on-going well-being, and then teaching me how to continue this incredible energy and focus independently, is a tribute to his integrity. It’s not often I am challenged to find the words to describe a situation or person, but with Ed words just don’t suffice.” 

Terry Hawkins | Speaker/Trainer, Best-selling Author & Executive Consultant | 

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How To Connect to Higher Energy, to Achieve Optimal Health, Healing, Joy, Vibrance, and Certainty in just 3 Weeks


I’m not going to waste a second of your time here. I won’t insult your intelligence with a slick sales pitch that’s supposed to convince you that you need what I’ve got.

Simple fact is this, if you want to start looking after your health, improving your relationships and renewing your well-being and if you’re REALLY committed and not just poking your toe in the water, then you’re on the right page.

Are you ready for a new you? If you’ve been struggling to maintain your vitality, feel better, and regain your general well-being on a

daily basis, then you’ll love what I’ve prepared for you. You can finally become the vibrant, lively, and healthy person you’ve always wanted to be, and start feeling great in a very short time.

Have you ever felt like this?


You get invited to a party, gathering, function, or somewhere similar that involves you being around people and looking your best. You agree to the invite because you don’t want to seem anti-social or reject the other person. But immediately afterwards, you start to feel nervous, and anxiety kicks in.

You don’t like being around other people because you’re out of shape. You’re self-conscious about the way you look. 

The extra weight you’re holding is more than just fat, it’s like a burden that you’re stuck with.

So the mental dialogue begins.

You think about ways around the event. Delaying, avoiding, and anything else that can take you out of the lime-light. You notice yourself scribbling and carrying on like a kid on his way to the dentist who’s about to have a tooth pulled out. You don’t really want to go.

THEN, you start to recall that this isn’t the first time you felt this way. No. You realize that you ALWAYS feel this way when you’re invited somewhere or need to be around many people. Then it hits you, like a solid baseball thrown in your face at full force. You’re sick and tired of feeling the way you do.

Not loving your body …and always feeling sorry for yourself. Furious, depressed, and furious, and everything in between. So what do you do?

Well truth be told, you know deep down that the only way to stop feeling this way about yourself is to actually make a change that is long lasting. What you really want is to start looking after your health and improving your relationships. After all, you deserve it.

If only you could make it happen, without the stress and complications that come with it. If only you could find an easy way to get results, and truly start being healthy about yourself and being around other people.

Well here’s the good news… now you can!

It's time to say good bye to your furious feelings once and for all and FINALLY start looking after your health!

Ed Strachar - One of the Worlds Most Powerful Spirit Healer, Author, Inventor, and creator of Healing Genius™

A letter from Ed

Current sessions are energized, pre-recordings.


Self-Healing Mastery

Composed of 5 Group Healing Sessions

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1) The principles of healing yourself.

2) How to connect to the higher dimensions of both the Universal Energy Fields and Mother Earth.

3) How to transform energy.

4) How to clean many years of negative memories, trauma, heartache, disappointment and negative emotions.

5) How to recall your soul's power from negative events.

6) How to distinguish between false and real prophets. This alone could save your life!

7) How to energetically protect yourself, clean your energy field and revive your body and soul.

Here are 7 important things you will learn:

You can be anywhere you want as long as you have the quality internet connection, heart-centeredness and a 'silenced' mind. It is open for Serious, Conscious, Capable Achievers whom posses Intelligence, Consciousness, Courage and Energy Sensitivity.

Eric Guttman | US Naval Officer /

“I realized I can do this as a practice and both energize, raise my vitality and hormone levels as well as clear any dark energies on me in a few simple yet highly focused exercises. He has my highest recommendation.”

Think about this...

Making money at will on a constant basis will be an option you can take advantage of whenever you want. What’s even better, is that the entire Self Healing Mastery Program is just pennies reach away from what it can do for you. I originally thought of charging a ticket price of $3997 for the whole lot, but I wanted to make this available to as many people as possible.


At this price, the Self Healing Mastery pays for itself many times over, but I honestly can’t let everyone in at this price, so click the buy button below right now before the price increases.

Can you see the benefit of all this?

So here's what to do...

Your question should NOT be, “Should I buy this?” or “Can I afford this?” but instead you should be asking, “Am I serious about solving my problems of not being strong enough or chasing money all the time or even never being healthy again,” and so on. You get the idea. Now think about this. How much time, money and energy have you SPENT ALREADY on trying to solve these problems?

Look if you're serious about wanting to finally put an end to your lack of confidence and losing faith... then do yourself a favor RIGHT NOW and make sure the next dollar you spend is on solving these problems once and for all.

I'd strongly recommend you take advantage of "Self Healing Mastery" today. Strike when the iron is HOT!

You know what? I'm sure you'd agree that if you knew you could finally start looking after your health, improving your relationships and renewing your well-being, then you'd be more than happy to invest twice or three times that amount!

True or true?

So doesn't it make logical sense to grab this right now while it's at this very low price? Yep, of course it does. Most people who are now seeing great results from our system all wished they had bought this earlier. 

Here's the smartest decision to make...

Okay, the next step is critical. The smartest move you could make right now is to take advantage of this heavily discounted SPECIAL PRICE and start your journey today. 

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Robin Linke | Healer and Spiritual Adviser from New Jersey |

“Self-Healing Mastery helps you to quiet your mind. It provides you with easy tools that can be used daily to help you remain focus and clear. It provides a sense of groundedness that helps you to feel and access your inner strength. Plus, you learn how to heal your body.” 

Here's why you should take action right now! It boils down to this. If you leave this page and do nothing, then you'll be no better off.

You'll still be furious and depressed about not being strong enough or chasing money all the time... or even never being healthy again.

And I'm sure you'd agree... unless you find a solution soon, you'll still be scared and worried about your lack of confidence and losing faith, correct?

That's not what you want. You're better than that.

You don't want to be complaining about the same problems in 6 months, 2-years, 5-years, 10-years from now, right? And you wouldn't want to miss out on feeling intelligent about looking after your health or improving your relationships, would you? Look, thousands of peaceful people before you have succeeded to Achieve Optimal Health AND Healing... and so can you. And you know what?

At some point they all faced the same decision you face now. And that is - To take action - or not. And guess what? Success goes to the action takers! So to join the growing family who now are in Optimal Health and Healing themselves, having Higher Energy, Joy, Vibrance, and Confidence, simply click the order button right now.

Yes, it's a tiny investment in comparison to the mammoth benefits you'll get. 

Warren Black | CPA Lawyer from Australia |

“Having the privilege of being Ed's student who has studied intensively with him...I can only say he is brilliant ... it is the best training on the planet. Not for the faint-hearted, lol... but he gets results.” 


You have three choices

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To your success and blessings, 

1. Continue to do what you are doing (or nothing at all) and hope & pray your situation will improve, somehow?

2. Waste countless days, weeks, months, even years, trying to filter legit info for free from the Internet and pray it works for you.

3. Take immediate action and follow our proven and tested system that will almost guarantee you results... fast.

Ed Strachar

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